The Most Cost-Effective Private Job Network

Get your job listing in front of 136K+ applicants. Pay only for interview-worthy, human-moderated, incoming job applications.

Estimated Savings: $99000

Purchased Tokens: 99

This is an estimate of how much you can save on hiring costs, based off how many application credits you buy.

I Once Posted A Job Listing

on a “free” platform, but it took weeks to get any applicants. When resumes finally started trickling in, they were terrible quality. Many applicants never responded to my follow up inquiries. I tried reposting the listing, but was unable to do so without paying first. I was left scrambling to find someone who could quickly fill the position!

The only other viable option was a recruitment agency, which would cost me 10-20% of the first year salary. Thousands of dollars would be lost on simple recruitment, for an employee that may or may not stick around for the duration.

This is when I knew that something needed to change. Business owners and recruiters need a platform that allows them to hire quality employees fast, without breaking the bank.

The Solution

A premium, private, and fully automated job posting network that comes with a guarantee. A platform that automatically promotes your job listing to hundreds of thousands of hungry applicants.

Every incoming resume/profile is automatically screened per your specifications, then screened again by a human moderator, to ensure you only pay for interview-worthy incoming job applications. We take the hard work out of contacting, screening, and hiring high-quality job applicants. All for a cheaper, up-front fee, that gives you on-demand access to our premium network.

We use a fully automated program to send your job listing to hundreds of job-applicant group chats, job board websites, private channels, and more. This attracts hundreds of thousands of quality impressions in total.

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The Simple 3-Step Process

1. Sign Up

Sign up and select a payment plan that works best for your job listing. Whether you’re looking for just one applicant or many, we got you covered! Then just sit back and wait for the applications to start coming in.

2. Promotion

Your job listing is promoted to hundreds of thousands of potential applicants. We screen incoming applications based on your specifications. If a resume meets your requirements, we send it to you!

3. Hire

Get in contact with the applicant(s) and work out the final details. There is no limit to the amount of people you can contact. Although we do guarantee a certain number of applications (depending on your plan).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use your network, instead of a large platform?

Unlike many other platforms, we guarantee incoming job applications (or your money back). Although there are other platforms that guarantee jobs, they often charge 5-15% of the first year’s salary! That’s tens of thousands of dollars you are spending in the long run for a recruitment service. With our platform, you pay a much smaller upfront fee, depending on how many incoming, interview-worthy, screened job applications you want to receive. You set the automatic screening questions on your job listing, so you only get incoming applications that are interview-worthy. Applicants who make it through the automatic screening process are then screened again by a human moderator, to ensure you only pay for the highest quality job applications.

Q. How do I know that people will apply for my job? Is there a guarantee?

With The Project Management Group’s automated job network, we guarantee at least a certain amount of applications (depending on the plan you pick). Gone are the days of paying for uncertain sponsored listings or clicks on large job platforms.

Q. How much does it cost me?

Plans start at $50 USD for 5 guaranteed & screened applications, although our clients usually end up receiving more than the guaranteed number of applications.

Q. How does payment work?

We take payment through PayPal, since they offer secure credit/debit card and crypto payments. Once you purchase a plan, a representative will get in touch and work out the details of your job listing. All incoming applications will be sent to your email, containing information about the applicant, their cover letter, resume, and portfolio.

Q. How long does it take to get started?

1-24 hours maximum. Once you sign up, purchase a plan, and supply your job listing details, we will quickly moderate and post your job listing on our network.

Q. What if I have another question?

Feel free to contact Aiden, the Head Project Manager directly, by clicking here. I’m happy to chat with you about our network and how it can cost-effectively streamline hiring for your business.