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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear back from you?

If the job poster likes your application and decides to interview you, they’ll get in contact with you using the email you provide to schedule an interview. Unfortunately, you will probably not hear back from them if the job poster declines your application, but don’t worry! You can find more jobs on our free job directory.

Why can’t I upload a resume directly?

We don’t allow direct file uploads due to potential security risks and strain on our web hosting plan. You can upload your resume to any cloud storage hosting provider like Google Drive, DropBox, EasyUpload.IO, etc.

The job poster asked me for money to apply, is this a scam?

Yes! Do not give money to job posters who claim to have an “application fee”. The Project Management Group is not associated with job postings on this website. Although we try our best to combat scams, there are always a few that slip through the cracks. Always be vigilant when it comes to potential scams and make sure to research a company before applying for a job.